Casa De Suenos

Open your heart to the music of nature. Hear the sound of the wind through the trees; watch the sun’s rays bathe the hills in shades of gold and green. Listen to the vibrant songs of the sea people. Immerse yourself in an ancient and rich culture. Sleep under a grand canopy of stars and wake up to a brand new day at Casa de Suenos, your very own waterfront.



An unbeatable location in the sunny heart of Goa with its stunning natural vistas will make you want to believe in an enchanted world. At Encanterra, the world-class team of experts continues to work tirelessly to ensure that this magic realm becomes your reality. Encanterra is a much-whispered word among those who dare to dream.



Goa comprises of a grid of many quaint villages each one has a strong vibrant character and charm. At the border of the village of Candolim is the tranquil village of Pilerne. The project Pretiosa is located in this scenic village. As an investment Pilerne has offered great returns over the years with exhaustion of land in Candolim and a meteoric surge in prices.